your needs pertaining to telecom industry. Infinite problems but one solution

Radius telecommunication service Pvt ltd. is an unmatched and unparalleled market leader with a glorious track record catering to your all your needs pertaining to telecom industry. Infinite problems but one solution Radius telecommunication. They don’t demand respect, they command it because of the company’s efficient, dedicated and much trusted HR department and owing to the great expertise and up to date technology.

An estimated 60% of the world’s populace possess mobile phone thus creating a requirement for direct marketing approach. Moreover, today is an era of cut throat competition where consumers are intelligent and they settle for nothing but the best. In such a scenario it is challenging to not only attract customers but retain them which the company is working towards. Blending a of variety of services like mobile innovative creation and content including tones, graphics and games, application development, e.g. contests, voting, chat and technology proposal (software, hardware and cellular connectivity) gives them an edge over their competitors making it a first preference for the customers.

Furthermore, the company has bonded with primary Media houses, entertainment brands, record labels, game developers, and application & platform vendors for proposing an entire catalogue of mobile services to satisfy their precious customers worldwide and in India. Their dedication is towards upholding and leveraging a radical and present-day content assortment to greet the requirements of today’s global wireless market efficiently and confidently. Along with SMS Content, and other applications they have forayed into services like SMS campaigning, Mobile Coupons, SMS Subscription, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Wallpaper, Mobile Greeting, VAS Services for Indian Operators, VAS Product, with the main focus on 3G Services that include Mobile News Paper, Mobile Game, Mobile Videos, Movie Trailers etc.

To add to their credentials, the company puts into use such wireless messaging product that is the core of all their products and services. It comprises primarily of Multimedia Gateway, Messaging access and correlated APIs. These landmark components are approachable and scalable. The experts have also used the best class and kind offerings in association with the partners to harmonize their in-house technology and know-how.
We put into use such wireless messaging product that is the core of all our They are industry leaders with a consistently progressing track record in deploying mobile coupons, vouchers, loyalty solution, tickets and m-CRM solutions. They provide full solutions to devise an effective promotional campaign targeting the relevant audience. The company is a hub of services all under one roof, be it mobile marketing, multimedia gateway, messaging server, application interfaces, mobile customer relationship management and various iphone applications thereby being a delight for both the customers and the partners. The company has made a mark in the field of telecom industry and with their commendable approach, experts and services they have made a promise of delivering nothing but the best to their customers and always satisfying them with their innovation and growth making them a company to rely upon.

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Why VoIP Telephone Systems Are Better For Business

There are many different ways in which VoIP is fast becoming the choice of businesses everywhere. After all, business is built on being able to make connections with others. The faster and more reliable the connections are, the better business you are likely to be able to conduct. Most successful businesspeople are always on the lookout for the next great thing which will give them the edge over the competition. It is no surprise that most businesses have already made the switch to VoIP phone systems. They have everything a good business is looking for.

When looking to make better connections and increase your business, there are a few things you are looking for. For one thing, you will need VoIP phone systems which will allow you have face to face conversations with people around the world as if you are all in the same room. You also need a service which will allow you to connect all of your clients with your employees without delay. Most importantly, you need service which will allow you to get everything you are looking for at a price which will still allow you to be profitable.

Video Calls

Doing good business is all about meeting with your clients face-to-face in order to come to an agreement. With the prices of travel steadily on the rise, it is simply not feasible to travel the world in search of the clients your company needs. It is a much better idea to simply make a video call and smooth out the rough edges of any deal. Make sure you choose a reliable provider with no delays so that you will be able to understand everything while being able to completely convey your meanings.

PBX Service

In order to impress your clients, it is a good idea to make sure that you are able to get in touch with them and receive their phone calls in return. One of the best ways to make this happen is through the use of IP PBX phone systems. This is a service which connects all of the phone lines for your company through an Internet Provider. The system will be able to route all phone calls to the proper location whether everyone is in the same office or you have some employees working from home.

Price Effective

Naturally, in any business you are worried about cost and how the cost will affect your bottom line. It is the reason why so many people are switching to VoIP phone systems. While it is true setup costs may be higher than that of land lines, in the long run you will spend far less on the phone calls. You will also be able to rest assured that every phone call is being placed with the best possible sound quality. This way your message will be carried through perfectly and you will be able to make more money. You will even be able to save money on the bundle packages you will receive from your provider.

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Approved Index is a leading online service provider that connects buyers and suppliers for a range of services and equipment such as telephone systems.

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Must Have Apps for Business Travel

Let’s pretend for a moment that airport security screening doesn’t exist and there is no such thing as a flight delay or grounding. With that fantasy in mind consider the fact that traveling for business has really never been as easy as it is now. The office is now truly mobile, and not simply because of laptops and notebooks. The smartphone is leading the team of time saving digital devices in its ability to manage business tasks while on the move. Invoices can be composed, emailed, paid and synced with the home computer. Calendars tell you where and when to be, what to wear and how to get there. Expenses, projects and time spent with clients is tracked and documented. These are all daily forms of assistance that are useful anywhere, but if you are traveling away from home there are a host of other apps that can make your business trips even more efficient. Let’s take a look.

Flight Update – Live Status

As previously stated, one of the most frustrating parts of travel either for business or personal is the flight delay. Flight Update is your up to the date, live monitor of flight schedules and departures for over 1400 airlines world wide. Simply enter your airline, flight number, the date of the trip and the app will track the status of the flight. If there is a delay or change, you will be alerted. But that is just the beginning. There are weather updates, baggage claim information, SeatGuru to assist you in choosing and finding your seat, the ability to search other flights if you experience a cancellation and easily email your itinerary to anyone in your contacts. You can even track flights as they travel across the continent. This app is designed to be a proactive tool for business travel rather than a reactive one. Plus, we hear the developer’s customer service is excellent.


This app is designed to find whatever you need within your immediate vicinity, whether it be at home or abroad. The GPS locater in your phone tells the app where you are and quickly downloads business information, maps and contact details. Need a rental car? Follow the directions. Want to email the location and phone number to a colleague? No problem. Need a drycleaner that is close by? Easy. There is even a feature that allows you to use Wikipedia as a search engine to find points of interest around you. Never again will you be lost in a strange city.

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Reader

Unless you are an accountant, most people who travel for business loathe the thought of compiling and recording all the expense receipts when the trip is over. There is always at least one that got lost, or that you forget to claim. And, if you are not a seasoned expert on expense claims, there is the inevitable phone call from the company accountant (or worse – the IRS) asking for a receipt to go with that $50 client dinner you claimed (that’s the one that got lost). Now imagine paying for that client dinner and before leaving the table you discreetly take a snapshot of the receipt and log it into Shoeboxed. The app then reads the receipt and enters it into your expense form, so when you get back to the office just print out the snapshots and expense form. The digital receipts are even accepted by the IRS! No more lost receipts! No more stern calls from accounting!


Do you have the memory of a goldfish? When meeting someone new do you forget their name before the handshake is over? Here is a hint: ask for their business card, scan it with your iphone. Worldcard will then convert everything on the card to text and enter it into your contacts – correctly! No more embarrassing “I’m sorry, what was your name?” or losing the business cards of important business contacts.

These are just a few apps available for the average traveling business person – there are literally thousands more. The reviews of the above apps were from real users, and were all very positive. Try them out, what’s the worst that could happen?

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Chris Haycox works for metrofax as their head Network Administrator. Metrofax is a leader in email fax solutions for any sized business. Visit us today for more information on our small business and corporate fax solutions.

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Why Might We Make Use Of An IP Phone System Along With Unified Communications Solutions?

IP phone systems are swiftly growing to be the norm in a lot of business settings. These business telephone solutions make it feasible for businesses of all sizes to perform a lot more effectively while always keeping its lines of communication entirely open and stable. Organizations rely on these kinds of systems to remain effective, and probably the greatest ways to ensure everybody in the organization has access to the same technology is to integrate the IP phones together with other unified communications solutions.

The main reason a great number of companies are choosing IP phone systems over the regular PBX designs is because there are numerous of benefits which will be quickly apparent. First of all will be the cost savings. Not only are IP business telephone services usually much less expensive as compared to their regular counterparts, but they likewise are likely to require less maintenance. And because these options tend to be much more scalable, an organization can add new extensions while not having to pay a lot more money.

More importantly, though, is actually the ability to combine with other unified communications solutions. A unified system such as this brings together a company’s phone, voicemail, email, Web and audio conferencing, and more. These communication programs and devices could be unified through a single, common user interface, even when these were not really originally meant to work effectively together.

These unified communications solutions provide companies an opportunity to perform its strategies, manage its tasks, as well as make ease of relationships with staff, customers in addition to partners. Inside a competitive business environment, something like business telephone services is often overlooked or thought of as normally inconsequential. If the company hopes to stay on top of the business, though, and sustain open marketing communications, these systems need to be assigned top priority.

Any time a company has fully integrated and also unified the communication programs, it will take advantage of a great many other benefits. For instance, there will easily be several choices for remote deployment of the IP phone system. A number of staff work from home or from different offices in different locations. Using an IP system, the business may set them up with all the communication applications they need and still have total control over it within the central location.

An IP phone system will in addition supply a organization the opportunity to monitor the usage all throughout the whole business. Exactly how are the workers using the telephones? Are they making just too many personal telephone calls? Is the sales team not really making enough calls? Perhaps you are paying a lot for business phone services that you don’t really need. Whenever you can monitor how the workers are using phones, it will be possible to streamline your service and make sure you’re just buying the features and services that you need.

Unified communications solutions are important in the current business community. Companies require dependable local, long-distance, as well as toll-free phone services to stay connected to the people and organizations who will get them to be successful. Whether the business desires state-of-the-art capabilities for example auto attendants or call forwarding, or perhaps a simple answer for retrieving messages, an IP phone system may make a big difference.

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phone service
suppliers and the advantages they suggest. Additional options for businesses
include unified communications to
integrate into their procedures.

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40-Year Old Communication Myth Busted, Words Not Body Language, Are the Foundation of Successful Communication

Whoever spent time as a child on a school playground and been the victim of name calling knows the deflective phrase used to counter those slurs, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me,” isn’t enough to overcome the impact of those bullying communications to youthful, developing ears.

The messages young children hear in those early years often become part of their psychological makeup for years to come, and sometimes lead to visits to therapists as adults.

This is just one example of the power of words. Words are powerful, very powerful. Words are much more powerful than an old, worn out, and just plain inaccurate communication model proclaims.

What has become known as the Mehrabian Myth espouses that “words” only amount to 7% of the meaning of a communicated message, leaving tone and body language making up 93% of that message’s meaning.

If you’ve ever done any sales training or leadership communication training since 1972 you’ve probably learned the communication model about which I am writing. It’s the model that shows the three key components of any communication and the respective contribution each proclaims to bring to the meaning of any message:

Verbal (words) = 7%
Vocal (tone) = 38%
Visual (body language) = 55%

If this were to be true I could have attended Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City as I did last November, and understood 93% of the plot and the individual character’s stories without reading the subtitles on the screen in front of me. I couldn’t. Neither could you.

Words are tremendously important.

Yet this communication model, which began in 1967 with two psychological studies reported in the Journal of Consulting Psychology and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, respectively, and was loosely reinforced in 1971 by research conducted and reported by Professor Albert Mehrabian, Ph.D. of UCLA in two books he published titled Silent Messages and Nonverbal Communications.

These studies are not the culprit of the misguided applied meaning of this research. If the research and related commentary is reviewed one learns that these studies never proclaimed their findings were to be broadly applied to general and regular communication in all situations between human beings.

It seems the more accurate meaning of this research has been usurped and twisted so often, by so many sources; it is impossible to identify the genesis of this skewed meaning. One of the big perpetrators is the NLP industry (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a philosophy and model for personal and professional transformation effectively used in the coaching and personal development industry), of which I am a member.

I used to teach this 7%-38%-55% communication model, although never truly felt comfortable with it. Amazingly, audiences never challenged me on it and continued to buy it. Even reinforcing the model telling me how important body language is to the meaning of a message.

I’m not arguing that body language and the visual component of a communication is not important. And, based on my personal experience I truly believe that tone may even be more important that body language.

What I’m espousing is that the Mehrabian Myth model places too much importance on body language and tone. What is needed is a model that will more accurately reflect the attention that people on both sides of any communication can feel comfortable applying so there are fewer mis-communications in the world.

In my white paper titled, The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication, I stress the importance of specific communication. A “Lack of Specificity” is one of those 7 Deadliest Sins. One of keys to specific communication is to be certain our communication is congruent between the verbal, the vocal and the visual components.

Congruency doesn’t necessarily mean equal. Congruency means the appropriate level of each to accurately get the message across. The most important thing to remember in terms of this model is that it really all starts with “words.”

I’d like to propose a new model and a new way to look at this that is totally unscientific but comes from many years of being a human being communicating with these three components daily, and as a business coach and consultant regularly working with business leaders and their teams to improve communication every day.

That new model would look like this:
Verbal (words) = 50%
Vocal (tone) = 30%
Visual (body language) = 20%

This model gives significant and appropriate weight to words because words can inspire, words can motivate, words can de-motivate and words can destroy. It also offers appropriate emphasis to the other two key components.

Anthony Robbins, one of the most well known motivational coaches in the world offers a communication philosophy called “Transformational Vocabulary.” He teaches the power of changing the negative, hurtful words we use in our self-talk into empowering, positive words that will make us, and others, feel better and be motivating. A simple example is shifting the word “problem” to “situation,” “challenge” or even “opportunity.” He teaches this because words matter.

Tone and body language matter, too, just not as much as the Mehrabian Myth has mistakenly promised us for the past four decades.

If you’d like a practical and immediately applicable approach to improving communication in your organization at the highest levels of leadership down to your frontline customer service personnel, go to and download the free white paper The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication.

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Skip Weisman (Weisman Success Resources, Inc.) is known as the “Creator of Champion Leaders and Champion Organizations”, helping organizations create motivating work environments that deliver high-performance results. Download free white paper reports: “The Employee Motivation Equation,” “The 3 Strategies of Champion Organizations,” and the “The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership and Workplace Communication” from

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Every year, American companies spend in excess of $22 billion for wireless services, most of which is not audited, contested or managed. As a result, many of these companies fall victim to billing errors, overcharges, excessively high rates, fraud and abuse.

Wireless Resolutions can audit, contest and manage your wireless costs on your behalf, recovering past expenditures and reducing your future wireless costs.


FACT: 66% of all wireless bills have significant errors that add to your business costs.
FACT: 98% of phone bill errors are never found or reported.
FACT: 80% of all businesses overpay for their wireless services without ever knowing.
FACT: Wireless providers made over $60 million last year on billing errors and overcharges to business customers.

For more than 20 years, Wireless Resolutions has been an invaluable resource for companies nationwide that utilize wireless communications. We have a proven track record of lowering companies’ monthly wireless expenses, as well as recovering large sums of money due to past overcharges, account errors or fraud and abuse.

Because the team of experts at Wireless Resolutions were once part of the confusing wireless provider bureaucracy, they know all the best ways to save you money. They know who to go to and how to negotiate on your behalf to secure the most effective options for your business.

The professional auditors and billing analysts at Wireless Resolutions are among the most qualified in the industry. They quickly can assess your potential wireless phone bill savings, expose hidden overcharges and unmask employee fraud or abuse. They can negotiate with providers to get your business the maximum amount of wireless service for the lowest price. Consequently, your business can start saving money promptly.

Wireless Resolutions offers years of experience in the wireless industry. With our exclusive Bill Management/Cost Reduction Service, we have been able to save companies thousands of dollars. Our professionals not only save you money on your wireless account, we save you time that you would otherwise spend managing your account. Our process scrutinizes your bills to deliver risk-free solutions for dramatic savings. Savings as high as 50%.

Your Cost Control Advocate
Wireless communications are essential to today’s business operations. Yet, many businesses do not have the resources or expertise to closely monitor and control their wireless communications accounts on a regular basis. As a result, companies simply pay the assessed amounts- often riddled with erroneous charges and errors- rather than try to sort through lengthy, complex bills.

Wireless Resolutions works for you, not your wireless provider, to monitor and control all aspects of your account, focusing on managing and lowering your wireless expenses. They audit your invoices and provide your business with a complete bill analysis. The provide a Plan of Action for lowering your wireless costs, which often includes restructuring your wireless plans to better fit your usage and calling patterns and negotiating with your wireless provider to optimize savings for you.

Wireless Resolutions can provide the following services:

Monthly bill audits and validations
Cost reduction
Elimination of junk fees and irregularities in billing
Contract negotiations
Rate plan optimization
Recovery of past over-payments
Account discounts
Security and fraud protection
New line activations
Equipment management
Equipment replacements and upgrades
Accessory sales
Data and GPS sales

No Expense for Cost Savings
If an initial review of your wireless bill does not reveal potential for savings, you pay Wireless Resolutions nothing. However, there usually are cost savings to be had, and since Wireless Resolutions generally saves your business more than you spend on its services, you may use some of this “found money” to pay Wireless Resolutions. You incur no added expense. The rest of your “found money” contributes directly to your bottom line.

Are You Paying Too Much for Wireless?
Are you being billed more than you should by your wireless carrier? Are you getting the lowest possible rate for the best wireless service your carrier offers? Are your employees running up your costs with fraud and abuse? Are you using the best wireless devices and system for your business?

You may be shocked to learn just how much you might be overpaying for your wireless service. To find out, call 1-877-.679-1206 or email for a FREE BILL REVIEW from Wireless Resolutions.

About the Author

Marty Taylor is the President and CEO of Wireless Resolutions, a highly successful and much sought after Wireless Expense Management company and Customer Advocate group, that specializes in helping business owners dramatically reduce their cell phone costs. Having worked with all the major providers and knowing how the system works, her team has developed the expert negotiation skills needed to get their clients the lowest possible cost for the very best service their carrier has to offer.

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Top Reasons To Send Free SMS Jokes

Laughter and fun make life meaningful. They provide an outlet from the pain, rigors and stress that beset our daily lives. A smile not only keeps you grounded, it also makes you alert and enthusiastic. So, why not make someone’s day by sending them free SMS jokes?
If you want to stay connected with people, send them jokes through SMS. Often, people make it a point to read through the messages they receive. They may read it immediately or at the end of the day. Either way, a funny SMS is sure to perk someone up when they least expect it.

Another reason to send jokes through SMS is the fact that people like to read jokes. When they travel or when they wait for the bus, they go through the messages in their inbox. Surprisingly, although our life is very fast paced, people these days do take the time to read these jokes. Many even forward good jokes to their own contacts. Thus SMS jokes are a wonderful way of keeping in touch with the people on your contact list.

These days, we often do not find the time to talk to friends or relatives on a regular basis. One of the ways in which we can let them know that we care and remember is to send them text messages. If you do not have anything important to say but just want to let the other person know you care, then SMS them a joke.

Many people these days depend on text messaging to keep their love life on track. What with busy lifestyles, it is often impossible for people in love to stay connected. In such cases, love SMS messages keep you in sync with your partner. This in turn keeps you connected with your partner even though you are miles away.

With technology advancing at an unbelievable pace, it is possible for the current generation to bridge the gap in their interpersonal relationships. What they have lost in terms of personal time they can make up with innovative gadgets and technologies. For instance, when man started moving away from home for work and other requirements, the telephone was invented. Then, mobile phones came and it became possible to get in touch with anyone at any time of the day. Text messaging is even more convenient because you can send a message to any person and it reaches them immediately yet unobtrusively. So, whether they are attending a lecture or are in a meeting or even sitting with their boss, it is possible for them to receive the all important message.

To facilitate such communication, a number of web services offer free SMS services to people living in different parts of the world. As an added bonus, some services even allow you to communicate with them in their local language. For instance, someone living in New York can communicate with a loved one in Mumbai through SMSes sent in Hindi! Thus, the ability to send text messages to different parts of the world has truly made the world a global village.

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Send free SMS jokes, love sms, thank you messages and more to any mobile in India. is the best mediator that can help you stay connected for ever.

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Display Stands as an Advertising Medium

Display Stands are now playing a very important role in advertising for business organizations or individual businessman. These stands come in various shapes and sizes. They are made of either wire, plastic, fiber and many more. The wooden and cupboard ones are generally more costly ones and are known to be more durable. They are space saving, cost saving and easy to carry. For this they are considered to be the most effective by much business organization. These Display units are seen mostly in retail counters with many tires. They hold magazines, cards and many more items. They are cost saving in the way that you need to keep less sales boy for displaying items if you have display Stands.

Business card holder is very important for a businessman. It is a representative of the identity of the business person. While exchanging a business card with someone the person actually exchanges his business identity with that person. The more such a card will reach people the more business gain is assured for you. So a business card is a medium of advertisement. Try to take a business card holder with multi casing of display stand like look which will allow you to have more and more space to keep business cards on your table. A multi tire display stand will allow you to keep much more than a normal card holder. This will also make the table tidy. Go for choosing one which suits your office décor.

Display Stands are used as business card holders to expand business. They are considered to be a medium of advertisement by many today. You can place your business card holders in a place where more and more of your proposed buyers are to give visits. Such like you can go for posting in a shopping mall and make people collect from the display stands. This will allow your card to reach a wide market. Doctors can put in noshing home receptions and architect can put it in a builder’s office. Take a multi tire one so that the cards do not end up easily.

Business card holder of this type is known to bring business so make the choice of display stands that are attractive. This will help in grabbing the attraction of passers by. Make your card very much informative so that the person can sketch details of your business from that small card. Make the card very attractive preferable with bright colors. The cards must be small in size, like that of a credit card so that the collector can keep it in his or her wallet and make a call as soon as needed.

Business card holders can be used to bring in more customers and extend your business. So try to keep them in more convenient places with in the reach of every passer by. It must be visible from far end so that collecting will be in ease. Keep a look so that it never stands empty that will make a bad impression on the customers.

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John Rowbotham is a leading supplier of display stands in the UK. He also deals in wide range of Desktop Business card holders with its stylish looks.

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Millionaire Rich Janitor Shows You How To Make All The Money You Want From Home!

Former Wage Slave Discovers Powerful New Method To ‘Clean House’ By Turning Any Personal Computer Into An Automatic Cash Machine!

Have you thought about how wonderful it would be if you could just work from home and enjoy your family and work only a few hours a day? Have you considered how incredible it would be if you were making money, enough money to quit your current job where you can never put in enough hours and your boss lets you know how easily you could be replaced in the time it takes for him to snap his fingers?

Just recently Mike Dougherty, a former Janitor has just recently made his Rich Janitor System available to anyone. If you can use a computer to check your emails, are able to copy and paste and are willing to follow simple, easy to follow instructions you could be making all the money you could possibly want by this time next year. This is not some lame “Get Rich Quick” scheme, there really is no such thing. This is a proven step by step, simple, easy to follow system to show you how you can work from home at your own pace and be making thousands of dollars per month in just a few short months from now. It’s like you can make money on autopilot!

Have you ever imagined yourself as a millionaire? Have you always been told by everyone else that you could never make that happen? Have you even believed it yourself?

Well, STOP RIGHT THERE! Now, you can see for yourself a process that will teach you exactly how to work from home and become as wealthy as you want to be.

The Rich Janitor is an Internet Marketing course that reveals how its creator went from being a janitor scrubbing toilets to an online millionaire in less than 2 years..

The Rich Janitor is designed to show you exactly how to quickly and easily make money with article marketing. With this remarkable automation and submission software you will be able to have unlimited professionally written articles submitted all over the internet within minutes, making you thousands of dollars.

With The Rich Janitor system you will see how to choose the exact products and the correct markets to promote so you can start making money right away. You will be able to easily promote thousands of products and know just how to get hoards of traffic to your offers and make tons of sales with ease.

In the Rich Janitor System, you will learn how to work at home and make money online quickly even if you have never tried it before. It will show you how to avoid the major mistakes that could cost you a lot of wasted time and money. The whole process is so simple that anyone can master it almost overnight.

It’s This Easy….

STEP 1: Launch the incredibly powerful software to create hundreds of unique articles.

STEP 2: Use the submission software to hundreds of websites – with the click of a button.
STEP 3: Sit back, relax and watch your bank account grow!

Profits At The Push Of A Button!

With The Rich Janitor System, You’ll…

* Choose among 24 PROFITABLE markets, all with step by step instructions to help you profit TODAY
* Discover the RIGHT and wrong ways to market your products for free
* Benefit from having proven campaigns set up from day one – no guessing.
* Learn how to use FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC methods that work like gangbusters
* Gain access to the most powerful software on the market today
* Avoid the wrong way to build your business (learn from our mistakes)
* Create hundreds of PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN articles in a matter of minutes
* Repeat the exact steps we use to get our websites on the FIRST page of Google
* Uncover a FREE and EASY way to create automatic wealth
* Jump light-years ahead of the competition using PROVEN techniques from top marketers
* Create additional income streams hidden within your existing ones
* Gain peace of mind that you’re following a PROVEN money making method

The Rich Janitor is a proven system that is so simple to use that anyone willing to follow step by step instructions and follow through with a little bit of work could truly have the income of their dreams! Start right now and be free to work from home and make money quickly and easily.

About the Author

If you want to make more money than you ever thought possible while working at home and become financially free to do whatever you want in life, read more on just how easy it can be right here => OFFICIALRICHJANITORSITE.COM

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Body Language For Business

People do not realize the importance of body language. When speaking to people, we know what language we are speaking. But at the same time we are speaking a whole other language, body language. Plus the person you are talking to does not realize the effect it is having on them.

When talking to people you may be saying one thing but your body could be saying something completely different. You don’t have to say a word but your body language will tell your true feelings and thoughts. I am sure you have heard the old expression, “Actions speak louder then words”.

They say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Besides speaking, the eyes are the most obvious way you communicate. When speaking to someone the eyes are the first place a person will look. When a person is gazing directly at you, you show interest. If you fail to make eye contact you give the impression that the other person is of no importance.
Maintain eye contact about 60% of the time in order to look interested, but not aggressive.

Your facial expression will tell people a lot about your feelings. It is a form of non-verbal communication. Your facial expression communicates happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, surprise and the list goes on and on. It is important to be aware of your expression during a presentation.

Your mouth can say a lot without even speaking. Smiling adds a sense of confidence and warmth. People are more receptive when they see a warm smile.

The placement of arms can tell what a person is feeling. Arms folded over a person’s chest can mean they have no interest in what is being said. The best way to use your arms is to keep them by your side. You will look more relaxed and confident if the arms are kept by your side. Waving your arms around may hurt your image.

Do not put your hands in your pockets or clasp in front of or behind the body. Your hands should never be above your neck. It is unprofessional to touch your hair or face during an interview or presentation. Or if sitting at a table do not put your hands under it.

The position of your legs can tell a lot as well. Moving your legs a lot shows you are nervous. Never cross your legs. The polished professional has their feet flat on the floor or legs crossed at the ankles.

To Your Success,

Penni L. Levine
“Master The Gift Basket Business”

About the Author

Penni L. Levine has the true entrepreneur spirit. Penni has a degree in business and a certificate of achievement from The Entrepreneurship Institute. She has owned several businesses, her favorite being the gift basket business. She is dedicated in seeing others succeed. Penni has put her knowledge and experience in an e-book. “Master The Gift Basket Business”.

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